We, at Southern Field, recognize this can be a difficult time and we remain deeply committed to the safety of our customers and our employees while maintaining a standard of excellence to meet all your service needs.

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Tackling Big Problems is our Specialty.

Offering equipment, parts, and services in the Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Cement, and general industrial markets.

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Welcome to Southern Field-EEC

In 2006, Southern Field Maintenance and Fabrication was founded as an industrial maintenance company serving the Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Steel, and Cement sectors. In 2010, Air Pollution Control was added as a division which is now a large part the company. In 2015, a combined buyout of the family owners of Process Barron and Southern Field brought the companies together under common ownership, while retaining independent management. In 2018, after purchasing the assets of Environmental Elements Corporation, Southern Field rebranded as Southern Field – Environmental Elements (Southern Field – EEC). Environmental Elements is the largest precipitator OEM in North America and has over 1,500 installations of air pollution control equipment around the world (ESP, Fabric Filter, Dry scrubber).

As a privately held company with project managers, equipment specialists, safety staff, field service inspectors, superintendents, and skilled construction craft – we have the expertise, quality, and safety to support your next project.

Today, we provide industry leading support for many types of industrial equipment and operate from three locations including:

  • Luverne, AL – Corporate Office and Shop
  • Fletcher, NC – Project Management and Construction Services
  • Jacksonville, FL – Precipitator Parts

News from Southern Field-EEC

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