OEM Precipitator

It is important for companies to reach MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) standards and regulations. Southern Field is committed to helping clients meet these standards by providing cost-efficient solutions. A company in South Carolina recently had an issue where new MACT driven regulations had made an existing boiler and air pollution control system non-compliant. To meet these standards, the company needed turnkey sizing, design, engineering, fabrication, construction, and commissioning of a new electrostatic precipitator.

The Southern Field in-house engineering staff used their years of executive team experience in building new precipitators to complete the production of an OEM Precipitator. The team was led by Project Executive, Steve Moore; Project Manager, Russ Sheppard; and Project Engineer, Scott Barr. They were able to reach a solution by creating an appropriately sized precipitator with Switch Mode Power Supplies that met the stricter regulations without long lead times or excessive costs. Combined ownership with ProcessBarron provides Southern Field with support in expansion joints, dampers, and fans making the OEM team unparalleled in the industry. Together, this team is unstoppable!

Precipitator Pictures: