Job Report: Solving Inefficiency with a Coal Pulverizer System

coal pulverizer

One common problem coal plant managers experience is inefficiency. Inefficiency causes issues that impact a plant’s bottom line, so one ongoing battle managers face is reducing inefficiency as much as possible.

There are many things that can affect inefficiency. One of our clients was experiencing issues with their coal pulverizer that was creating inefficiency with combustion and contributing to equipment degradation.

The Problem

Specifically, worn and damaged components with their coal pulverizer were causing vibrations in the equipment and material drag as the fuel entered the boiler. Raw material has to be broken down sufficiently before combustion, otherwise heat efficiency will suffer.

Inspections found that the bearings and grinding rings along the shaft were excessively worn. Our engineers recommended a complete rebuild of the internal parts.

Our Solution and Results

The Southern Field team undertook a complete rebuild of the coal pulverizer component, including replacement of the main shaft assembly, the pinion housing assembly, pinion pumps, oil drive gear pumps, housing assembly, seal rings, slinger shaft, swing valves, grinding ring, lower radial bearings, thrust bearings, and shim kits.

After the rebuild was complete and testing was performed, we found that vibration – and thus wear and tear – was dramatically reduced.

Additionally, the raw material was able to be broken down more effectively before it entered the boiler, which will contribute to more efficient combustion.

The client was satisfied with the new performance of the coal pulverizer and appreciated a swift and thorough solution to their problem.