4 Hidden Industrial Plant Problems that Cost Big Money

industrial plant problems

It’s easy to see when there’s a part of your plant that’s broken – the problem is obvious, you take steps to repair it, and (hopefully) it works properly again.

But there’s another set of problems that can be just as damaging to a plant as a broken piece of equipment – and they’re not nearly as easy to spot, which makes them harder to fix. Read on to find out what these hidden industrial plant problems are and how to address them.

Problem #1: Inefficient Time Management

Manufacturing plants are always running up against the clock. It’s just the nature of the business. That means that your efficiency, or lack thereof, can mean the difference between success and failure. But even if your equipment is the newest and most efficient around, it won’t matter if your team isn’t managing their time well. Your employees must work productively and efficiently – and if they’re not, you’re probably losing a lot of money.

Management software can help you oversee employees by delegating tasks, setting goals, and holding employees accountable. If employees know that every minute is being logged and evaluated, they’ll be more motivated to stop dragging their feet and start working efficiently.

Problem #2: Poor Communication

A team who doesn’t have enough information about the task at hand is almost guaranteed to make mistakes. That means losing time, losing money, and losing morale (who wants to do a task over again?). Tasks in an industrial plant are often very complicated, and without proper communication, an entire project can tank – fast.

To combat this, consider setting up weekly meetings with project managers. Review goals and where you are on the track to accomplishing them. Make sure that the managers communicate effectively to the team. Be clear that attendance is mandatory, and make sure that everyone who comes to the meeting leaves it with a full understanding of the proceedings and objectives.

Problem #3: Unrealistic Goals

It can be easy to fall into the trap of an overly optimistic timeline for a project – especially if you think it will get you more business. But the thing is, when you do this, you’re often setting yourself up to disappoint the client. Putting undue pressure on your employees can kill morale and make them more likely to make mistakes, which will put you behind schedule, which will kill morale even more, etc.

Instead of making promises you can’t keep, create a detailed plan for the management of each project – with software, if necessary – to make sure you know who is assigned to what tasks, how long each task should take, and who’s following up for quality control. Create a realistic timeline and include time for mistakes and unforeseen circumstances. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than the other way around.

Problem #4: Disregard for Safety

Anything becomes old after you’ve been doing it for a long time – even working in the dangerous environment of an industrial plant. But there is almost no other workplace with such a high potential for accidents, which means that skimping on safety isn’t an option.

Make sure your team is consistently trained, inspected, and updated on new safety procedures. Employees should be trained to spot safety hazards and address them promptly. Your equipment should be inspected and maintained by a professional to ensure that it’s safe for your team to use.

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