BACT Pollution Standards, Simplified


BACT (Best Available Control Technology) standards are a part of every industrial plant manager’s life. As a part of the Clean Air Act, these standards require industries to implement the best possible technology in order to take pollutants out of their emissions stream. Because they’re different from state to state, and even city to city, these standards can vary greatly and may look extremely different from one plant to another. If a facility’s net emissions are expected to be more than the allowed amount, then BACT pollution standards may be joined by federal LAER (Lowest Achievable Emissions Rate) requirements.

What Are BACT Pollution Standards?

As far as emissions regulations go, BACT standards are some of the more flexible ones out there. They’re typically less restrictive than LAER requirements because they make room for costs, energy sources, and other considerations.

On the other hand, BACT demands the using up of resources in order to determine what alternative methods may or may not be available, and what the considerations would be of using them. Still, though, the flexibility offered by BACT can be beneficial for facilities as they look for ways to keep emissions low.

The Implementation of BACT Standards

BACT standards are determined using the region’s baseline emissions data and environmental concerns that are already recognized. Included in this data is information regarding natural environments and also man-made habitats. States, cities, and communities use this data to determine the optimal pollution limits for the area, and accordingly, businesses use the data to figure out the best method of reducing emissions.

The purpose behind BACT standards is to give businesses the means and motivation to implement technology that offers the highest degree of pollution reduction possible. Ultimately, it’s to keep the environment as clean as possible — and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

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