Keeping Outages Efficient

planned outages

Rolling out on jobs for predown is essential to keeping our work out of the critical path of outages, and a high level of organization and preparedness can make a huge difference in the efficiency of the process.

We have large tool trailers stocked with miles of extension cord, welding lead, torch hose, and air line. Showing up before the outage starts and locating our utilities and tools in an organized fashion takes stress off the outage and allows us to be ready to tackle anything that may arise. During the outage, this also helps reduce time lost due to chasing down and relocating leads or dialing in the settings on the welding machine to suit the current task.

The trailers also have an office space suitable for several employees to access permits, email, and printers. This ensures jobs are organized, financially updated, and the punchlist is on track.  

Between jobs, the tool trailers are brought back to the office for inventory and restocking that is specific and planned for the next job. This is just another way we are setting up for safe jobs by having the right tools and equipment for the already prepared.  

Southern Field Is Ready to Help

Here at Southern Field, we take outages seriously. We know that time is of the essence for plant managers, and any unplanned downtime could result in a massive loss of productivity.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on being prepared, organized, and streamlined as we work with your plant during an outage. As we like to say, time is money, and we save both.

Ready for a company with a solid history and commitment to partnering with your plant? Contact Southern Field today and find out how we can keep your plant running at peak efficiency.