The Importance of Regular Plant Maintenance

plant maintenance

No matter if you run a power plant or a cement & lime plant, maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Far too many plant operators skimp on maintenance, and it inevitably shows when they run into production problems, higher costs, and shutdowns which lead to even more problems.

Maintenance is something every plant operator and manager should take seriously. There are glaring negative consequences to not regularly maintaining a plant’s environment and equipment, and these negative consequences can ultimately result in lost jobs through poor performance.

Broken Equipment Leads to Lost Production

The main consequence of irregular plant maintenance is broken equipment. Equipment that hasn’t been serviced or inspected is far more likely to break, and no plant in any industry can function at its peak with broken machinery.

Broken equipment always leads to lost production. If you depend on a steady flow of production, such as in a factory, then broken equipment will shut down the line. In a power plant, a broken boiler or material handling system will immediately drop output, which will leave customers angry and looking for answers.

The amount of lost production varies with the piece of equipment that is broken, but you could easily find yourself facing tens of thousands of dollars a day in lost productivity because something vital wasn’t maintained and in turn malfunctioned. Even relatively unimportant parts can cause disruption.

Poor Maintenance Raises Operational Costs

Insufficient maintenance also results in higher operational costs because you’ll have to dedicate precious resources to repairs and replacement.

If you maintain your plant properly, you can fix problems usually before they require a major repair. But if you don’t, you could see a minor repair turn into a major one that leads to an unplanned outage, the nightmare of every plant manager.

What’s worse is if that major repair turns into a much more expensive replacement because the equipment degraded to the point where a repair just won’t suffice.

Operational costs will also include work shortages, lost manpower hours, higher overhead, and rescheduling of production.

Maintain Your Plant on a Regular Schedule

You should schedule maintenance for every system and component in your facility to ensure everything is inspected on a regular basis. Some components will need to be inspected daily; others can be attended to on a less regular basis. But you won’t know unless you have a maintenance plan.

Talk to a plant maintenance provider to get a plan put into place and the resources and manpower to protect a plant’s investment and capital and keep equipment operating as it should.