Could Drones Help the Pulp and Paper Industry?


The pulp and paper industry has a problem: ever-fluctuating demand that can change daily. Companies have to adjust on the fly to this changing demand, which creates problems down the line with their inventories and supply chain logistics.

And yet, it can be very expensive to have a team or a third-party vendor on the ground surveying inventory, which means up-to-date inventory data is hard to come by.

One solution is to work with a company that specializes in aerial intelligence. Most people would recognize that term by how it’s conducted: via aerial drones operated just like the ones you see at parks on the weekend.

Using aerial drones, the company would helps various industries – including pulp and paper – more accurately inventory their resources. In the case of pulp and paper, the drones would survey wood storage and supply sites. This data would then be sent to plant managers, who can use the information to adjust their supply chains as needed.

The process could offer several key benefits, including giving site controllers more accurate data, giving operations teams better ways to optimize logistics, and giving supply managers real-time assessments of inventory.

With more up-to-date information, pulp and paper companies can make their supply chains more efficient and responsive to ever-shifting demand. This creates bottom-line impact by freeing up resources and making the entire process streamlined and accurate.

Drone technology is no longer just for recreational purposes. Used in a growing number of industries, from real estate to construction, aerial intelligence can help pulp and paper managers hone their processes and deliver a superior product.

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