Southern Field’s Emphasis on Safety

The construction industry contributes a very large percentage of overall private industry injuries and deaths, but that’s about to change. After a five-year steady increase in construction worker deaths, we finally saw a dip in numbers. Total fatalities fell 2% from 2016 to 2017, and that trend is about to gain some momentum.

Introducing Jim Pikul

It’s no secret that safety is important, but hearing something all your life makes slipping a natural and easy thing to do. That’s why Jim Pikul is here to re emphasize the most important thing in your day-to-day work environment—safety first, safety always.

With experience in a myriad of industries—including chemical engineering, food and farming—Pikul knows how important going above and beyond with safety training is. That’s why he prefers to do it in person. While online training is efficient and easily accessible, there’s a very real tendency to just go through the motions instead of absorbing life-saving information.

What Needs to Change

Of course, drastic change will take more than a few safety training pamphlets. Pikul wants to see a mentality overhaul throughout the industry—moving towards “safety first,” and being more proactive than reactive. Pikul believes that every single worker has the power to ask for help before an accident occurs, and to look out for their coworkers.

An important part of this revitalization in safety is learning how to over-communicate. If a worker needs to wear protective gloves during a job, they should know why they need those gloves, and what might happen without them. Safety standards change, as do hazard symbols and  regulations, so it’s extremely important to make sure your workers stay up to date on new rules, instead of trusting old training to translate. This also prevents you from growing too comfortable around dangerous or hazardous materials—no matter your experience level, one slip up can cause serious harm to you or your coworkers.

You want to get the job done. Jim Pikul wants to do it safely. Contact Southern Field for more information.