Southern Field Parts Catalog

parts catalog

For the latest and greatest in Southern Field Environmental Elements, check out our new Parts Catalog! With over 120 pages of the highest quality electrostatic precipitator parts, what you need has never been more accessible.

Our Parts Catalog: The Details

The catalog has two sides you can start flipping from—the first side contains a brief history of our company. There’s a detailed table of contents and sections for each of our groups of services. Here you can find out everything we handle, from projects to equipment to services. You can read about our stoker, tubular air heater, woodyard, engineering, baghouse and other APC services, and so much more in this section of the catalogue.

Once you get to page 22, you’ll see that the next page is upside down—this isn’t a printing error! The catalog will prompt you to flip to the other side of the book, where you’ll see the cover of the actual parts catalogue. In this section, you’ll find a detailed table of contents as well, so you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Each section has a breakdown of what we carry, including a detailed parts identifier and spare parts.

There are individual sections for high voltage support systems, high voltage rappers, collecting surface rappers, drag scraper systems, and access door parts. Standard spare parts are listed alphabetically along with descriptions of what they do. Pictures of each product, product numbers, descriptions, materials, colors, and dimensions make it quick and easy to find what you need and know exactly what you’re getting.

Get One!

If you’d like one of our parts catalogs for yourself, click here to fill out the form. You’ll receive a hard copy, and soon you’ll also have access to the online version! For any questions or for more information, contact Southern Field today.