Robust Maintenance With No Downtime: A Midwest Success Story from Southern Field

southern field

Southern Field EEC was able to replace 10 baghouse modules in the Midwest, without any lost downtime. These modules were extremely corroded, and had been repeatedly patched for 5-10 years. By isolating one compartment of them at a time, Southern Field EEC was able to replace them all, leaving the boiler operational during the process.

Carrying out the process in this way reduced system differential pressure as the system was brought into service. Our process reduced energy consumption in regards to fan operations, decreased outlet stack opacity, and decreased air leakage. Because of this, the overall cost was extremely low compared to that of building a whole new baghouse. It’s also accompanied by a very quick payback period for Municipal Waste to Energy Plants.

Replacing baghouse modules while keeping the unit operational is cost effective, and results in no lost downtime—a typical boiler outage costs more financially and in regards to downtime. Southern Field EEC provides turn-key engineering, fabrication, demo, and the install of new modules. Modules are taken down in three separate picks, and installed in one-two picks depending on the degree of shop fabrication.

Southern Field EEC has proven this specific approach to be financially sound, as well as a viable plan for any plant with a baghouse casing reaching the end of its life. Single module replacement is expected to generate long-term savings compared to simply patching sections every year.

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