Southern Field-EEC Celebrates 10 Years as an ISNetworld Member

ISNetworld was established in 2001 as an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that helps manage risks and strengthen relationships. Over nearly 20 years, ISNetworld has established themselves as a global leader in contractor management services. From their humble beginnings of about 5,000 contractors, they’ve opened 11 new offices around the world since 2007 and now have 60,000 contractors. 
ISNetworld has a long standing reputation as an organization that puts people first. So many of their employees give back and volunteer regularly, and are committed to building stronger communities. They even have their own annual volunteer day. In addition to being a people-focused organization, ISNetworld is committed to reducing their environmental footprint and strives to incorporate sustainable practices in their current and future operations. They reimburse for public transportation, have improved recycling and paper reduction rates, operate in energy-efficient facilities, and purchase recyclable products.
The ISNetworld provides several professional services, including:

  • Health, safety, environmental and quality
  • Insurance and procurement
  • Employee-level qualification
  • Audits and evaluations
  • Customer service and outreach
  • Analytics and reporting

ISNetworld hosts more than 7,200 meetings with their customers every year to provide hands-on training, best practices, and networking opportunities. 
Southern Field-EEC has always prioritized the importance of maintaining a spotless safety record, and has been a proud ISNetworld member for ten years. Reduced liability for our customers is just a secondary benefit to the protections that we provide for our employees. As a long-time member of ISNetworld, our employees receive the best site-specific safety training that is documented and registered. Our full-time safety director, Jim Pikul, is in the field more often than not, making sure that our safety program is in a continual state of improvement. 
For more information on our services and our commitment to safety, contact Southern Field-EEC today!