Safety First, Safety Always

worker safety

Environmental Health and Safety Director Jim Pikul has been emphasizing safety at our company since he started, and implementing new things into our processes to keep us all safer while doing what we love. 

Safety Plus

One of the biggest changes Pikul has implemented in his time with us is Safety Plus—a program designed to make important safety information much easier to access. When you scan an employee’s badge with your phone, you instantly have access to every kind of training they’ve had. You can know right away whether or not they’re qualified to do the job that you need done. It’s a great way to show our customers all of the diverse training our employees have had as well! 
Here at Southern Field-EEC, we work with a lot of different kinds of customers and jobs. Each unique project poses unique risk factors, and can be dangerous without the right information. Safety Plus ensures that there’s no confusion, and that you get the right man or woman for the job. 
Pikul began working on this program in February of this year, and says that while it is technically complete, it will never really be finished—he’ll always be working to keep the program and information updated. 
Safety is always our number one priority, and we’re getting safer every day. Learn more about our commitment to safety, as well as the services we can provide you, by contacting us today.