Electrostatic Precipitator Controls Training: What You Need to Know

electrostatic precipitator

The cleanliness of your stack directly affects the output of your operation, and your electrostatic precipitator’s efficiency directly affects the cleanliness of your stack. Your electrostatic precipitator controls have to be optimized for your facility in order to operate at maximum efficiency. This means proper training for those who need it. 

When Electrostatic Precipitator Controls Training is Necessary

You should be providing electrostatic precipitator controls training whenever there are existing personnel who were never provided any training. New personnel assigned to maintain the ESP equipment and are unfamiliar with it also require training. In addition to these people who qualify, your workers need training whenever new controls are added as part of an upgrade. 

What Electrostatic Precipitator Controls Training Should Cover

When training is over, your workers should understand the fundamentals of how an ESP collects particulate. They should know what a Transformer Rectifier (or TR) is, how it works, what the controls are supposed to do, and how it should act. Workers should know what a rapper or vibrator control is supposed to do and how it should act as well. In addition to these skills, your workers should understand how to read TR and rapper/vibrator control schematics, as well as the function of each individual component. 
Thorough electrostatic precipitator controls training should also teach your workers how to troubleshoot both TR and rapper/vibrator controls. They should understand how gas composition affects precipitator operation and electrical levels, and how to optimize TR and rapper/vibrator controls to produce the lowest outlet emissions. 
When implemented correctly, electrostatic precipitator controls training can increase efficiency in your facility across the board—because each piece of manufacturing affects the other pieces, you have to start at the source. 
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