Southern Field Works On the World's Largest ESP

Southern Field-EEC recently played a big part in an even bigger project, working on the biggest ESP in the world. Keep reading for details about our work with a plant in Rajpura, India. 

The Project

The plant we worked on is located in Rajpura, India, and is the largest ESP in the world. Larsen and Toubro, the plant’s owner, is a licensee of Southern Field-EEC and has used the EEC precipitator design on numerous installations in coal power plants. This particular plant’s precipitator was built by Clyde Bergemann India, another EEC licensee. 
This project was first commissioned in 2014, and the original precipitator design, sizing, and engineering support were all provided by Environmental Elements. There are two boilers, each 700 MW burning Indian coal with extremely high ash content (>30%), resulting in a very high dust loading to the ESPs. One ESP system was installed per boiler. An extremely large precipitator system was necessary due to the high inlet dust loading, coupled with the high ash resistivity—which was a result of high Silica and Alumina content in the ash, >85%). The Environmental Elements design with direct rapping is particularly effective for the Indian high resistivity ash. 
Each precipitator system installed consists of six casings, each one 50’ wide with 16” plate spacing and containing nine mechanical fields.An individual TR set powers each mechanical field. These units were designed for >99% removal efficiency. 
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