Sales Video
Our new sales video is live! It goes into detail about all the things that make the Southern Field-EEC precipitator the best in the business. 

What You’ll Find in the Video

With 1,500 air pollution control installations worldwide, Southern Field-EEC is a leader in clean air technology. In our new video, you’ll see advanced animations of our dry electrostatic precipitator, or ESP. This model has a single chamber and three mechanical fields. 
Our advanced computational fluid dynamics modeling programs are used to design flow devices and ensure that flue gases are evenly distributed throughout the ESP cross-section. The Southern Field-EEC precipitator incorporates state-of-the-art design elements, including Rigitrode discharge electrodes, each supported between Modulok collecting plates. 
Our design requires no field assembly, as well as prevents deformation and oil canning. Sharing similar ownership with ProcessBarron allows us to support a wide variety of equipment, including fans, dampers, expansion joints, and conveying systems in-house. 
The result? A robust, reliable precipitator that’s proven to minimize downtime and keep your facility in compliance with pollution control regulations. Visit Southern Field-EEC to support your next air pollution control project. 
Find out more about the Southern Field-EEC precipitator, and its many features in our video! And visit our website for the latest industry news and information about all of our services.