Keeping Your Industrial Plant Safe: 6 Tips

plant safety

Let’s face it: risks can arise in almost any setting. Industrial plants are no exception. But the right equipment, tempered by the right mindset and safety procedures, pares risk down to a manageable level.

Plant safety continues to be essential to running and operating a successful business. It remains one of SouthernField’s top priorities in everything we do.  

Our experts have collected some of the most recommended safety suggestions for your plant to keep your employees and others on-site protected. Have a safety concern that can’t wait? Contact us here for 24/7 emergency repair services.

Plant Safety Tip #1: Train at Every Turn

Proper safety training helps ensure workers remain aware, ready, and protected, and is a bedrock for plant safety. And it doesn’t hurt to get into specifics. Specialized positions may require specific safety instructions, procedures, and protocols. That specificity may lead to fewer risks—and avoiding accidents altogether.

Plant Safety Tip #2: Equip Your Safety Gear

Plant workers should respect safety equipment requirements on site. Sporting safety gear protects from hazards and is a necessary practice in overall safety from the get-go. Other precautions, such as forgoing jewelry and loose clothing, should follow suit.

Plant Safety Tip #3: Weigh Risks

Auditing risks periodically can prove essential to plant safety. That includes spotting gaps in safety and taking steps toward preventing these gaps from causing problems or injuries. Some companies opt to put a safety officer on payroll, but—even if that’s not the case— routine risk assessments should be performed. When looking from an individual lens, it’s best to remain cognizant. Being aware remains your best chance at avoiding accidents and staying safe.

Plant Safety Tip #4: Maintain Equipment 

Oftentimes, equipment lies at the heart of plant safety. Keeping that equipment up-to-date, clean, and regularly maintained prevents potential risks from unfolding into accidents. 

Does your plant have a proactive or reactive maintenance strategy?

Especially for heavy machinery, this is a must. The machinery’s condition must be fully operable—and safety assets and guards should be installed and working. If you’re not qualified to work on the machine, don’t. A defect or malfunction should be reported to the maintenance department or other relevant party. Finally, follow all safety guidelines and shut down the machine properly. 

Questions about the safety and reliability of your equipment? Contact our preventative maintenance experts today.

Plant Safety Tip #5: Treat Your Workspace Well

Along the same vein as equipment, workplace upkeep matters as well. Organized and clean work areas help uphold plant safety—and provide a source of stress relief. Clutter can lead to risk entry. Cutting back on it bites into accidents’ arrival in the workplace.

Plant Safety Tip #6: Stay Grounded

Substance abuse of any kind remains a big no-no in terms of plant safety. Working while under the influence can upend your decision-making and slow your reflexes, which makes a recipe for disaster all but imminent. Employees on prescribed medications who feel or display side effects will need to alert their supervisors. As a general rule, company policies should reflect a wish to keep work conditions safe for everyone, rooted in best practices and safety procedures. For questions surrounding these or other safety topics for industrial plants, contact us here.

Safety First, Safety Always

There’s no doubt that the pursuit of a safe workplace is foundational for any plant or manufacturing facility. We believe in safety first, and safety always. 

Another way to ensure plant safety, besides utilizing these tips, can be found in maintenance and systems solutions provided by SouthernField-EEC. With more than a decade of experience, our experts are equipped to provide the support your plant, company, or business needs. Request a quote about our industrial solutions, reach out to a representative, or continue browsing our blog for more plant safety tips and industry trends.