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5 Steps to an Efficient Plant Shutdown

A plant shutdown plays a vital role in plant upkeep, asset compliance, and ongoing safety. The phrase lends itself to shudders, but its end goal remains advantageous for the plant: increased efficiency.  Plant shutdowns, or turnarounds, offer businesses a favorable stretch to inspect equipment, repair faulty processes, and replace worn… Read More

Effective Preventative Maintenance Methods for Pulp & Paper Mills

Technological advancements and marvels in machinery now crowd pulp and paper producers, improving efficiency industry-wide. However, even state-of-the-art equipment can suffer breakdown, malfunctions, or failure. Methods aimed at preventive maintenance are key in ensuring that productivity and profits remain healthy. Putting these measures to good use can pay dividends in… Read More

Keeping Your Industrial Plant Safe: 6 Tips

Let’s face it: risks can arise in almost any setting. Industrial plants are no exception. But the right equipment, tempered by the right mindset and safety procedures, pares risk down to a manageable level. Plant safety continues to stand paramount. We’ve listed some helpful tips toward it remaining that way. … Read More

How (and Why) to Conduct a Dust Hazard Analysis

With several statewide dust hazard analyses (DHA) deadlines on the horizon, many facilities are weighing their analysis options. Depending on the industry magnitude and facility size, this can pose some difficulties in terms of budget and safety. Piecemeal approaches may prove underwhelming in effectiveness, while a uniform overhaul could gut… Read More

Using Thermal Imaging for Roller, Chain, and Belt Conveyor Inspections

Using thermal imaging cameras to monitor your equipment’s performance can drastically reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime. It can also reduce your reactive maintenance fees and equipment repair costs, and extend the life of your machines.  Thermal imaging is also great for spotting a lack of uniformity in your equipment,… Read More

The Future of Manufacturing After COVID-19

If history is any indication, the short-term adjustments the manufacturing industry has made in the past few months (in response to COVID-19) could lead to changes that last for decades. While most of us are hoping that the pandemic ends soon, and that things will go back to normal, there’s… Read More