Using Thermal Imaging for Roller, Chain, and Belt Conveyor Inspections

Using thermal imaging cameras to monitor your equipment’s performance can drastically reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime. It can also reduce your reactive maintenance fees and equipment repair costs, and extend the life of your machines.  Thermal imaging is also great for spotting a lack of uniformity in your equipment,… Read More

The Future of Manufacturing After COVID-19

If history is any indication, the short-term adjustments the manufacturing industry has made in the past few months (in response to COVID-19) could lead to changes that last for decades. While most of us are hoping that the pandemic ends soon, and that things will go back to normal, there’s… Read More

Sales Video Our new sales video is live! It goes into detail about all the things that make the Southern Field-EEC precipitator the best in the business.  What You’ll Find in the Video With 1,500 air pollution control installations worldwide, Southern Field-EEC is a leader in clean air technology. In our… Read More

Southern Field Works On the World's Largest ESP

Southern Field-EEC recently played a big part in an even bigger project, working on the biggest ESP in the world. Keep reading for details about our work with a plant in Rajpura, India.  The Project The plant we worked on is located in Rajpura, India, and is the largest ESP… Read More

Reducing Air Pollution: Tips From the EPA

To achieve any kind of air quality standard or facility air pollution goal, you need a plan—specifically, you need a control strategy. That means your facility needs specific techniques and measures to achieve reductions in air pollution.  Things to Think About When Designing a Control Strategy When you’re creating an… Read More

What Are Pulse-Jet Fabric Filters?

Southern Field-EEC offers a wide range of fabric filter systems. They’re designed to control particulate emissions in a variety of different applications like utility and industrial. Essentially, a particulate-laden gas stream passes through the filter bag. This way, the particulate is collected on the fabric’s surface. These high-efficiency collection devices… Read More

Electrostatic Precipitator Controls Training: What You Need to Know

The cleanliness of your stack directly affects the output of your operation, and your electrostatic precipitator’s efficiency directly affects the cleanliness of your stack. Your electrostatic precipitator controls have to be optimized for your facility in order to operate at maximum efficiency. This means proper training for those who need… Read More