Air Heater Services

SouthernField provides air heater and preheater products and services to boiler companies, utility companies, and other manufacturers.

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Services to Increase Air Preheater Efficiency

SouthernField conducts detailed life assessments of your heat exchangers to prepare thorough inspection reports. With these reports, we can identify equipment that needs maintenance and strategies to increase air preheater efficiency. Other services include:

  • Tailor-made engineering and supply services for increased equipment efficiency
  • Cleaning equipment and services to lengthen  operating periods between required shut-downs
  • Seal and Basket Replacement (Also SCRs)

Our engineering and supply services are designed to support your plant in upgrading older regenerative heat exchangers to improve thermal efficiency and availability while lowering leakage rates and operating costs. Contact us today to learn more about these air preheater efficiency services! 

Air Preheater Design

SouthernField designs and customizes air preheaters for your unique situation. We inspect your boiler and take engineering specifications to design a solution for maximum efficiency. Southern Field can work on your boiler no matter who manufactured it.

Tubular Air Preheaters

SouthernField’s tubular air heater services include installation and supply of tubes, tube sheets, sleeves, couplings, and plugs. See our parts catalog here. 

Maintaining your tubular air heater has many benefits

  • Lowers fuel consumption due to higher inlet temperatures resulting in reduced fuel costs
  • Fuel is burned more completely, which results in lower emissions
  • Maintains proper operating conditions for downstream equipment such as Precipitators and Baghouses
  • Consistent and controllable existing flue gas temperatures
  • Lower fan amperages
  • Overall boiler efficiency – Every 40 ˚F increase in fresh air inlet temperature increases boiler efficiency by 1%.

Two common types of tubular air heaters used in industrial settings relate to the direction of the tubes – vertical or horizontal. Damage occurs differently for each kind of unit.

Corrosion and Damage in Tubular Air Preheaters

Inspect your tubular air preheaters regularly for corrosion and damage.

Corrosion usually occurs at a fresh air inlet area because the temperature crops below the acid dew point, causing condensation.  Erosion can be caused by flue gas. 

The most common mechanical damage is soot blower damage and fouled tubular internals. These are usually caused by poor maintenance. 

Contact SouthernField to develop a strategy to get your boilers and air preheaters operating at maximum efficiency. 

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