Air Heaters

Air Preheaters

Used by:

  • Boiler companies
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturers

Services Include:

  • A detailed life assessment of your heat exchangers and prepare detailed inspection reports.
  • A tailor-made engineering and supply service for upgrading older regenerative heat exchangers to achieve higher thermal efficiency and higher availability, lower leakage rates, and lower operating cost
  • Wide range of cleaning equipment for improved cleaning efficiency to ensure longer operating periods between required shut-downs for maintenance
  • Seal and Basket Replacement (Also SCRs)

Tubular Air Heaters

Installation and supply of Tubes, Tubesheets, Sleeves, Couplings, and Plugs

Benefits of a Well Maintained, Efficient Unit:

  • Lowers fuel consumption due to higher inlet temperatures resulting in reduced fuel costs
  • Fuel is burned more completely which results in lower emissions
  • Maintains proper operating conditions for downstream equipment such as Precipitators and Baghouses
  • Consistent and controllable exiting flue gas temperatures
  • Lower fan amperages
  • Overall boiler efficiency – Every 40˚ F increase in fresh air inlet temperature increases boiler efficiency by 1%.

Two common types of Tubular Air Heaters used in industrial settings relate to the direction of the tubes – vertical or horizontal. Damage occurs differently in each type of unit.


  • Usually at fresh air inlet area
  • Temperature drops below acid dew point causing condensation


  • Soot blower damage
  • Fouled tubular internals
  • Poor maintenance


  • Caused by flue gas