Industrial Precipitator Builds, Servicing, and Repair

Electrostatic Precipitator – OEM

The Southern Field—Environmental Elements precipitator incorporates state-of-the-art design elements consisting of Rigitrode® discharge electrodes, Modulok™ collecting plates, Opti-Rap™ rapping systems and DOCIV™ microprocessor based automatic voltage controls to provide unsurpassed emissions performance and equipment operating characteristics. Designs include dry and wet precipitators. Over 1,500 installations worldwide.

RIGITRODE® discharge electrodes have successfully demonstrated excellent performance characteristics over a wide variety of applications and performance requirements. The electrode is fabricated from tubing with uniformly spaced corona studs welded along the length of the electrode to optimize the voltage/current relationship required for each application. Assembled into the precipitator as a rigid structural matrix, the system has sufficient stiffness to resist displacement due to electrical forces and lateral forces resulting from over-full hoppers.

The MODULOK™ collecting electrode was specifically developed to achieve exact plate alignment and structural integrity necessary for today’s challenging applications, yet still provide excellent rapping response for dislodging the collected particulate. Extensive testing and broad application have demonstrated its superior ability to transmit rapping energy and its cleanability under all types of service and plate heights. The plate is comprised of a series of roll formed modules with interlocking edges that snap securely together for a strong mechanical bond. The design requires no field assembly and prevents deformation and oil-canning which occurs when individual panels are welded together along their vertical height. Southern Field—Environmental Elements can offer a variety of rapping system options. In each case, the entire rapping system is located outside the gas stream and can achieve plate acceleration in excess of 200g.

Southern Field—Environmental Elements offers an array of microprocessor based controls for its precipitator system. The DOCIV™ automatic voltage power controller with Mid Frequency Upgrade is the latest in performance and reliability.

Precipitator Repair Services

Southern Field—Environmental Elements is an experienced precipitator repair and maintenance company. Our superintendents and safety supervisors are familiar with the tight turn arounds and schedule of this work. Hot work and rigging in confined spaces with fall protection creates unique challenges for this sector of our business. Safe, quality completion is the priority for our construction team and your facility. Our project managers, engineers, and inspectors work hard to complete quality control, scheduling, and punchlists to ensure the success of your outage.

Services provided:

  • Annual Maintenance
  • Internal Rebuilds (All OEM)
  • Casing Rebuild
  • Hopper Replacement
  • Drag Alignment
  • Conveyor Repair
  • Drive Millwright
  • Expansion Joint and Damper Replacement
  • Stack Repair


Our skilled Field Service Inspectors (FSIs) have experience working on all types of industrial equipment and processes and are ready to relay their expertise directly to your project. From working with individual mill personnel during the outage to providing detailed reports specifying exact locations of repairs and replacements, our FSIs can do it all.

Our FSIs work closely with our experienced supervisors and their crews to ensure your equipment is repaired correctly, safely, and in a timely fashion.

Southern Field—Environmental Elements also completes a high level of on-site quality control and provides accountability for all services provided.

Our FSIs can provide:

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Drag Alignment
  • T/R Oil Sampling
  • Controls Upgrades
  • Controls/Rapper Tuning
  • Equipment Evaluation/Upgrade
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Phone Support
  • Emergency Service