Grate Service at a Great Price

Southern Field-EEC is your turnkey provider of cost-effective mechanical stoker repair and maintenance services. Whether performing routine stoker outage maintenance or emergency stoker repairs and rebuilds, we can effectively manage all of your stoker repair and maintenance needs.

Our highly trained stoker repair technicians can quickly assess and repair stoker system inefficiencies.  To ensure quick service, our stoker repair division maintains a full inventory of stoker replacement parts and efficiency upgrades to improve your Undergrate Air (UGA) and Overfire Air (OFA) delivery, regardless of fuel source. Visit our stoker replacement parts division for more information.

  • 24/7 Emergency on-site stoker repair services
  • Field engineering services
  • Complete stoker rebuilds to current design standards
  • Large staff of highly trained stoker repair technicians
  • Minimal equipment downtime
  • Scheduled outage services
  • Large Inventory of Stoker Replacement Parts
    • Part stocking is available
  • Experienced in all fuel feed and ash handling systems
  • Machining & lubrication

Types of Stokers Repaired

Stoker repair services include: chain grate stokers (traveling gate), keystokers, spreader stokers, rotograte, checkergrate, underfeed stokers, and all related components. We are experienced in the combustion and delivery systems of coal, oil, and biomass-fired stoker boilers from major combustion equipment manufacturers such as Combustion Engineering, Babcock & Wilcox, Detroit Stoker, General Electric, Westinghouse, and many more.

Emergency Stoker Repair Services

Our field service crews are available 24 hours a day for minor or routine stoker outage repairs or complete system overhauls. We can be on-site within hours of the initial phone call, complete with all necessary equipment and personnel.  We can quickly respond anywhere in the Southeastern United States, including: Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. We are not limited to these areas, as we have completed numerous national and international projects.

Stoker Preventative Maintenance

Proper stoker maintenance can significantly extend the life of your equipment, as well as reduce the risk of unanticipated stoker failures. We offer thorough inspections of all stoker components, including:  lubrication systems, bearings, bars, hoppers, thermostats, and housing. All preventative maintenance services include a detailed report that highlights recommended maintenance procedures specific to your stoker system.

Contact our stoker repair services division for more information on emergency repairs, preventative maintenance, and replacement parts.