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Category: News

Stoker Preventative Maintenance 101

It’s no secret that proper stoker preventative maintenance can do a lot to help your equipment last longer and function more efficiently. It can also protect your plant from losing money due to a stoker failing unexpectedly. But what are the key elements of stoker maintenance that every plant owner… Read More

Trump’s Apprenticeship Programs Initiative

In a move that could have exceedingly positive ramifications for the industrial sector in particular, President Trump recently signed an executive order to double government spending on apprenticeship programs in the United States. The initiative has sent a wave of optimism throughout the country as people begin to hope that… Read More

Air Pollution Control: Which System Is Best for Your Plant?

You know that your plant’s emissions must be maintained, but in order to do so, you need to know what your options are—and where to get them. Fortunately, Southern Field offers everything from technical inspection services to in-house air pollution control system design, so we know exactly what’s involved and… Read More

The Future of Woody Biomass Under Trump

Climate-friendly electricity solutions have been debated seemingly since the dawn of time (or at least, the dawn of electricity). Those who argue for the issue say that trees are the most sustainable resource we have, while those who argue against it say that it’s not that simple, and that if… Read More

What the Clean Energy for America Act Means for Biomass

With the recent passing of a $1 trillion Omnibus spending bill with a biomass rider that directs federal agencies to treat forest biomass energy as carbon neutral, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) is attempting to level the playing field even more for biomass by introducing the Clean Energy for America Act…. Read More

Boosting Efficiency through Air Preheater Upgrades

One of a plant operator’s missions is to continually look for ways to boost efficiency, by either optimizing processes or turning to advanced technology. Each component in a power plant can be optimized or upgraded in some way. This especially goes for vital but overlooked pieces like the air preheater… Read More

3 Tips for Better Debarker Maintenance

Debarkers are some of the most important pieces of equipment in a woodyard or paper mill. As long as they’re running smoothly, the mill will be able to keep up its output. But as soon as something happens to the debarker, everything grinds to a halt. Outages caused by debarker failures… Read More

Improving Combustion Efficiency with Aging Coal Boilers

The average age of a coal boiler system in the U.S. is well in the double-digit range, with many units across the United States approaching their third and fourth decades – and beyond. Replacing older boilers with new, more modern systems is recommended if budgets allow, but short of that,… Read More

Why Steam Turbines Usually Break

Steam turbines are the engines that drive electricity generation at a power plant, and as such are some of the most important, mission-critical components in a plant. But many plants have had problems with their steam turbines over the years, requiring retrofits, upgrades, repairs, or outright replacements. That’s because there… Read More

3 Often Overlooked Balance of Plant Areas that Need Maintenance

Much of what power plant operators think of when they plan regular power plant maintenance involves the power generating units themselves – namely, boilers and generators. However, plants don’t place nearly as much attention on maintaining and inspecting the support systems that enable energy generation, known as the balance of… Read More